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Domestic & Imported Beer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Stock up on all your favorite domestic and imported beer when you visit Beer Express, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania As a full-service beer distributor and beverage store, we also offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks and a great selection of fine cigars to enjoy with your drink of choice.

Ice-Cold Beer

For all your favorite beer in one convenient location, visit Beer Express. We are one of the largest distributors in the local area, and we proudly offer a wide selection of popular imported and domestic labels at discounted prices. Non-alcoholic beer is also available.

Local & National Beer Includes:

• Samuel Adams®
• Troegs®
• Lancaster® Brewing Products
• Stoudt's®
• Victory® Brewing Company
• Dogfish Head®

Keg Rentals

Make any party or get-together virtually effortless with keg rentals from our beer distributor. We offer quarter, half, and sixtel kegs, and we provide the taps, tubs, and ice for simple setup.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, and to satisfy everyone's thirst, we can special order most brands of beer. We also offer popular domestic beers such as Miller ®, Coors®, and Yuengling®, which is a local beer in our area. A deposit is required for all keg rentals; visit us for details.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:

• Domestic & Imported Water
• Energy Drinks
• 5-Gallon Water Cooler Refills
• Soft Drinks
• Mixers
Fine Cigars
Visit us today to browse our selection of fine cigars from around the world! Our large walk-in humidor features a large variety of some of the best cigars from every nation. Although our inventory is constantly changing, we always carry your favorite brands, such as Arturo Fuente®, Macanudo®, and Partagas®.
Beer, Domestic Beer, Imported Beer in Harrisburg, PA
Cigars, Domestic Beer, Imported Beer in Harrisburg, PA
Visit our beer distributor today for your favorite ice-cold beverages at discounted prices.